I love this prayer that came through and I thought I would share it with you. I printed it and have it laminated. I have it displayed on the screen for you as well as if you would like a copy for yourself you can download any of the pdfs shown below the prayer.

Dear Divine Spirit,

Thank you for the love I feel from you, today & always. You comfort me when I am in need — even the times I may not realize it.

I feel your presence. I know you are with me & a part of me. I know you are within each & every cell of my being.

There is your love, coming from within my heart & within my soul. I feel your love expand out until all of me is overflowing & enveloped with pure Divine love. Your love expands out around me & beyond.

  • I am comforted by you.
  • I am whole & complete with you.
  • I am in Divine flow.

There is love filling me from within to overflowing. I am safe & cared for, in every moment. I feel this & know this at my core.

Thank you for always being with me.

I feel your love, your comfort, your essence with each breath.

What no longer serves me, I release, easily & willingly, to you & your Angels, now. Thank you.

I fill with Divine love, to each space freed up by this loving release.

I fill with your healing essence, with your all knowing, with your love, with your joy.

Thank you Divine Spirit.

I love you!


Angel Blessings to you,


Click the link[s] below of any or all of the Dear Divine Spirit gratitude prayer to download the pdf for yourself.





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