What others who have taken Sue’s course, Channel Writing with Mom, have to say:

This course does what it says. You will learn to connect with your loved ones in a way you never thought possible. You decide: have one conversation with deceased family and friends or have many. If you spend time with the course materials and divine energy Sue provides, you could even learn to develop skills as a medium. I have the benefit of knowing Sue Broome professionally and she is a master teacher and facilitator of divine healing. You are in good hands.

~ Tammy Andersen


A truly profound, enlightening and intense experience. Sue Broome is a warm, caring but unobtrusive guide in this process. Her explanations, suggestions and background information are just enough to make things clear without being boring. You can skip around but I found that each part builds on the part before and recommend that you take each step in order. And it is easy to start and stop at your own pace, to take time out to process information or emotions or to repeat steps as needed. On a personal note, my mother transitioned over 50 years ago when I was 18. It was wonderful to realize that she is still present and to have the conversations we were denied in the physical realm. There were plenty of tears as well as smiles and laughter. It was liberating to forgive and to be forgiven, to release emotions that no longer serve and to feel so much lighter. It was something I probably couldn’t have done without this course. I highly recommend it.

~ Martha


It is my great pleasure to write a testimonial of this comprehensive and enjoyable class on how to channel (speak) with your loved ones. While the course specifically names your mother, I found initially that my mother was not who stepped forward. Ultimately, she did, but I promise you if you start with anyone who has died, with whom you had a close connection, many others will step forward.

Sue’s class starts from the very beginning, so don’t be intimidated if you have no clue where to start. All of the imageries and rituals serve a purpose to put you in that space of open communication and love. You will soon have all the tools you need to start practicing. Yes, it does take a little practice to know you can trust what you feel. Just fake it till you make it! Be sure to watch all the videos and read the class material.

I found this class useful even though I have channeled before. It reminded me to keep trying to communicate with loved ones even though they don’t seem to come forward at first. Your loving intention will eventually draw them in!

~ Cindy Holt
Holt Holistic Healing


The Channel Writing With Mom program was incredibly clear and well-thought-out. It takes a participant, with any level of spiritual experience, and gently guides them through the process.

I was impressed at the level of detail and approach of the program. But what I found was most incredible, was the opportunity to so easily connect with our loved ones on the other side.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I was on the right track, or if it was working. Then, the conversation somehow began to flow. It was a conversation with my grandma; she was one of my best friends. I’ve often felt her presence but I didn’t know of a clear way to communicate with her. We have so much to talk about!

The biggest thing that came up was that she shared with me the details about a cousin of mine who was adopted out – her granddaughter. She shared details about her name, her husband, her children, where she lives and what she does. I can hardly wait to dig in and search for her! My aunt has been looking for her for a long time.

This opportunity was beyond anything I could have imagined, and I can’t wait to have further conversations with both my grandma and other loved ones that have passed on; it means the world to me and I know it will mean the world to other people.

I’m grateful to Sue and her mom for creating this incredible program.

~ Shannon Deanne


What others who have taken Sue’s course, Memories shared with your Loved Ones, have to say:

Tomorrow is the day of Dad’s Death 5th October 6 pm also my brothers birthday.

I feel nothing but peace.

I continue to do the course piece by peace but this calmness is over me.

Every year certain love ones made sure I was occupied or doing something leading up to or on that day because I get so very ill every year that was because the grief and pain I carried inside was tearing me apart.

I always keep dreaming of him and crying in my sleep – I have not dreamt of him once – I was scared yet the pain would be as the very moment leading up to his death.

I testify even I am amazed, am calm while I tell you how the course continues. I took care of him personally for 6 months day and night when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer bearing in mind he was very spiritual, active and diet and everything was in check.

However I noticed the sign and begged him to take tests he never did and they said he had only 6 months to live.

I remember that feeling rushing down to the chapel at the nursing home and praying and begging God and Angels take me instead. If he did not survive I would never forgive.

The last words he ever said was am sorry I won’t be able to see my grandchild and I love you. He never spoke again.

I took care of him those 6 months, day and night. I remember he did not want anyone near him except me.

The emotional trauma knowing and seeing every stage and can’t do anything. I told God and guides if he did not survive I will never forgive them. I knew he tried to stay alive for me -?

I kept mentioning dad please don’t go – they said he could not hear etc but I knew he heard.

That very morning after 6 months I whispered in his ear, “Dad it’s ok I can’t bear you holding on, the pain – it’s ok to go, it’s ok Papa.”

The moment I turned my back he stopped breathing.

15 years my heart bled my human shell empty. I would always be extra Ill leading up to this day – I know my grief was consuming me but I was lost. I tried to let go, I could not.

When we burned him I saw him as normal and he often is with me but it’s painful.

This is the only year I can type something without a tear, and I forgive myself and let go of that cycle. I don’t sense him like I used too.

I do believe on that Course, you were there holding my hand as a little girl and now am calm. Not one dream, tear or heartache – nothing but a space of total peace.

Gratitude Sue Broome – took me 16 years and I tried and your course just put me in that space of total love, letting go of what was causing the pain, stop blaming myself and God and everyone and I know he finally is at peace knowing am not hurting and through your teaching on lives and guidance am at peace more.

How can I express gratitude for something no one could have helped until the Universe align me with you.

You wonder why I behave as a child because you were the Angel that was with me holding my hand – I give my word it was you, you kept watching me and I felt love and I was able to express to him without a negative pain but a happy one.

Gratitude, I cannot express enough gratitude and employ everyone to take that course.

16 years am at peace ????????

Angel hugs Sue Broome – thank you for holding my hand.


~ Jewel

What others who have worked with Sue have to say:

Sue was very relaxing and sweet. I had a very therapeutic experience and will make sure to come back again soon.

Sue is awesome! Very wise and compassionate. Thank you!

Thank you Sue, for the insight and healing.

Very gentle, loving, and nurturing. She opened me up to a positive world. Will connect with her again.

Really Amazing! Beautiful, clear and helpful about a tough emotional experience. Yes!!!

Sue was right on target! Perfect! Excellent! Great experience.
— Linda

Absolutely was a great reading. She has made a wonderful impact on my life.
— Davis

Superb – healing – wonderful.
— Juanita

I had a wonderful Angel Healing with Sue! She brought through exactly what I needed to let go and gave myself permission to be who I AM Thank you. Really sooo what I needed/thanks for nourishing me. Feel blessed.
— Mary

Sue’s work is powerful, loving and transformational. It was a high vibrational experience.

Sue is a wonderful angelic lady – her reading was just what was taking place in my life at this time.  May she be blessed in all ways.


Sue has a wonderful energy about her.  Her reading was dead-on accurate for me.  She was able to give me good suggestions to help unlock my creativity, which I’m excited to try.


Beautiful spirit.  A meeting pre-planned.  Love Sue.


Had my first reading at the MSCO with Sue.  It was quite revealing.  I would recommend her to anyone.  I was hoping she would give me a picture of my cards and she did.  Wonderful!!


Amazing – if this was the only angel reading I ever do, it covered all the bases in one swoop.


Sue was absolutely excellent in her reading.   –Jacquie

Sue was very much right on with the cards and reading. She was very thorough in her explanation and gave meaningful guidance. It was an Awesome Experience.   –Kris

She was right on.   –Margaret

Very thoughtful, sincere & caring. Sue was wonderful.   –Victoria

Sue has done so many channeled readings for us she is like a member of our family. We have been inspired and affirmed by her readings and have received beautiful life guidance from them. The messages she conveys from family members who have transitioned are especially meaningful and bring new insight to help us understand family dynamics. I recommend Sue most highly as a conduit of love and peace. ~ MP in Michigan

Sue did a reading for me and it brought tears to my eyes as it really hit home! I continue to think about the message daily.

Madison, WI

The reading was spot on for the question I had regarding a new direction.   Stretching and animals – that all made sense.  At first, the rest and sleeping didn’t resonate so much but over the last 3 weeks,  I’ve really been sleep deprived so have to make a special effort to honor that part of the reading.   GREAT Sue, totally enjoyed it and would recommend a reading to anyone with a desire/question and open to really hearing !!


Deb, WI

What I love about Sue’s angel readings is the detail, timeliness and the fact I need to take action. A little time has passed since this reading and the Angels have done their part but I haven’t done mine…no wonder I have felt like I wasn’t done!  

With every angel reading from Sue, the content really resonates with me.  Clearly the angels are channeling thru Sue to speak to me.  I need to remember to keep an open heart to get the most of the reading. Thank you Sue and Thank you Angels!

~ Sandra, WI

I have had many readings done by Sue and they are always spot on. Very often the messages are confirmation to what I have been feeling or sensing but they always include additional insights for me as well.  

Sue has my highest recommendation!

~Tina, a believer in WI

I’d just like to take this moment to share with everyone what a gifted Angel Card reader Sue is. She did a reading for me a while back and it was right on. It confirmed that I was headed in the right direction and her interpretations helped me “correct” my course when I was unsure. She is truly a gifted reader and intuitive light worker. I would recommend her services to all. She is truly an inspiration.

~Katie, WI

Last month Sue did an Angel Card reading for me. I came with a question concerning a current love relationship.

The cards themselves and what they represented resonated with me immediately. But what really grabbed me and gave me goose bumps was Sue’s reading of those cards and how she saw so clearly how they related to my specific situation. 

Her reading brought up a number of the key issues that I came to see were at the foundation of my relationship. Some issues that I was aware of and others that I had not seen clearly. Her questions made me think more deeply and take an honest look at my own motivations and intentions. Some things she saw affirmed for me things I knew at that intuitive level to be true.

The Angel Cards and Sue’s insightful and intuitive reading gave me impetus to look deeper, courage to change some of my thinking, peace with where I was at the moment, and encouragement to listen to and follow my guides and my own intuition.

I’ve gone back and reread Sue’s notes several times and each time I do I find more to think about and more information unfolding. I feel truly blessed by the whole experience.

~Gail, WI

The angel card reading from Sue provided insights and meaningful guidance for my life some of which validated what I already sensed in myself but it was cool to have confirmation from the angels!

Sue’s energy and enthusiasm for her work came across clearly and she was very sincere in presenting and discussing details of the reading. 

~Chris, WI

Sue’s reading, like the previous one, was of course intriguing and offered much insight into my life and the goings on, but from a different angle than the previous by combining the card’s meanings with what came to her in the process.  What was great was the broad but detailed spectrum between the past, present and future.  I have much homework to do – dealing with some things from the past and present, and in opening my mind and eyes to what the future holds.  If you are interested in learning and understanding more about yourself and what’s going on around you, you should most definitely talk to Sue about a reading!!!


Sue’s angel card readings are very accurate and intuitive.  She has the ability to provide just the right amount of information for the client to make clear and educated decisions around the question(s) they asked her for clarification on.  While her readings are serious in nature (based around a client’s needs and questions) she is able to keep the readings filled with Divine light and warmth.  Sue has done several readings for me and I am always pleased with them.  She is very talented and has a natural ability to help people on their path to health and healing.


~Doria, WI

I highly recommend Sue’s angel card readings for gaining a better perspective on what to focus  on in your life. The information she provided will help me be more prepared yet open to what’s coming!

~Sue, WI

I was surprised at how accurate Sue’s reading was in relationship to what is going on in my life.

She did a great job of explaining how she did the reading starting with the actual cards drawn, explaining the meaning, and using a format that made it easy to follow.


This reading could not have come at a better time for me.  Within one week of receiving it, I had to deal with the same situation.  Having the reading gave me a new set of tools and a new approach to bring to the conflict.  I felt more centered and better prepared to handle this difficult person and keep myself at peace.

~Jackie, Madison, WI

I asked Sue to connect with my paternal grandmother for my reading. When I received my write up, I was immediately confused but then completely amazed. What I realized is the message was actually from my maternal grandmother. There was so much specific detail about Grandma’s personality and lifestyle, I just knew it was Grandma A. Sue even commented about the clothesline that was in the back of the house.

As I reflected on the reading even more, it dawned on me the reading was done 2 days before my mother’s 65th birthday.

Thank you Sue, for this wonderful gift!

~TM, Wisconsin

My Channel reading has brought me both comfort and reason to think. Some of it is so clear and I thank you for reminding me of calling on my Angels. You are right…they are with me, they protect me and keep me moving forward. I’m very excited about my special Angels and the ones that have provided you the guidance of my reading.

Some of my reading makes me stop and ponder on the words and the message. I guess that is what makes it such a gift. The important messages in life aren’t always clear, don’t always happen as we want (or try to demand) or how we expect. I have struggled with some aspects of my life this past year and yes, some things my whole life. Your reading reminds me that life is a journey. Which brings me back to my special Angels helping me to enjoy or just survive the journey.

Sue, you have a gift! Thank you for sharing it with the world.

~Sandy M, Madison, WI

What you said overall, like I said, makes a lot of sense as well. Some things I understand very well because of experiences I’ve had and the sense I’ve made of them. Some things I have yet to understand but as time passes…as long as my eyes and mind are open begin to make more sense…

You have a gift Sue…this is something else that I’ve learned more about…just in the past year alone. I’m glad that you are using it, that’s what it is for. This is something that I need to learn from and take heed as well. I’m glad that I’ve gotten to know more about you…the real you!

You were spot on…something told me that you would be, but I still didn’t know what to expect. You’re helping me to open my eyes, my mind and my ears. You need all 3 to really listen. The message is loud and clear, yet mysterious! We shouldn’t just exist…there is a plan and we should all want to know what that plan is…living and doing to our potential is part of that. What you learned in this channel and relayed to me is simply a reminder, but a good one. It’s very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and miss what’s going on all around us.


What I heard back from her was fascinating and revealing. It was reassuring on many levels, to know that what she felt or saw for me, was in fact something I have been going through. I have always been a believer but it’s moments like these, when someone else, who doesn’t even know you, is able to give you insights into your life, your spiritual life, that I become even more convinced that people like Sue are just gifted with this blessing.

We get so busy with our routine-driven lives that we forget to stop and breathe and thank our spirit guides for holding us up, for if it weren’t for them, I wonder if we could get anything done. Thanks for the lovely note Sue and thanks for the reminder that I have someone watching over me, it is such a nice feeling to know that you are loved.