Happy Holidays to all you Peeps!!

Picture of Believe in AngelsI've come to realize something over this wonderful Holiday Season…  Well, let me back up a bit.

I've believed and known I've believed in Angels for a long time. I'm not sure exactly how long but I know I started openly talking about Angels, to some close friends, over a decade ago.

But talking about and believing aren't the same thing…

I think I always thought I believed and on some level I did. But I think I was more talk than belief. 

2011 my belief has amplified and now I talk about it because I know I believe!

The Angels bless me in many ways throughout each day. When I need help, I call on the Angels. When I'm not sure where to turn, I call on the Angels, when I'm in pain, I call on the Angels. As you may have read on the Meet Sue page – Calling all Angels!! is one of my favorite sayings.

So, as I started to say, I've come to realize something… the realization is that I believe in God, Jesus, the Angels, Ascended Masters, my Guides, The Bridge energy and Divine Coding, to the very core of my being. I believe with every cell of my body, with each breath I take!

I believe my Mom, Dad, Chris (my brother) and everyone else who is no longer here with us in the physical, is here to help us when we call on them. And I believe they send us signs from where they are, we just have to watch for them.

I know not everyone feels as I do and has the deep belief I do. And that's OK. Everyone is where they, believes what they believe.

I ask God, Jesus, the Angels and Guides to help us all accept everyone for where they are.

May the Angels watch over you and protect you during this Holiday Season. And may just the perfect gift be found under your tree!!Sue and her doll

Angel Blessings to you.