TrustHowdy Peeps!

As with other blogs a song was the inspiration for today's blog.

The song Suspicion, by Terry Stafford was playing over and over in my head so as in the past, I looked up the words. The first I found was the song by Elvis, Suspicious Minds and I knew that wasn't the song playing in my head. However, Suspicion was written by 3 people, one of which was Elvis, so I looked up the words for both as well as listening to them multiple times.

These are the lyrics which really stood out, almost as if they got louder when these words were sung:

  • Caught in a trap
  • I can't walk out
  • Don't let a good thing die
  • Suspicion – torments my heart
  • Suspicion – keeps us apart

How many times do you feel trapped, like you can't walk out. There's suspicion where you are but a part of you just doesn't want to let this thing end. Yet, you don't (or won't) trust what the alternative could be or where another path will lead.

Well, you can't build a foundation or your dreams on suspicion. It needs to be built on trust. And isn't that a power-packed word:  TRUST!!!

  • Trust where you have been
  • Trust where you are going
  • Trust where you are right now

Why suspicion for this blog? TRUST. I trust the information I receive is what I'm needing to share.

Trust has been a theme for me throughout my life. And sometimes it's more difficult than other times to believe that the best is happening, or will happen. Throughout my life trust has been put to the test as I'm sure you have had things come up in your life as well.

Trust where you have been. If you look at your life as lessons, every day you are learning something, something more about yourself and about life. If you make a mistake, learn from it and move on. As Thomas Edison said: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work". Everywhere you've been, everything you've done has made you who you are today. Trust where you have been.

Trust where you are going. Does it feel right? If not, then maybe that's not the direction you want to continue with. But if it does, if you feel, deep inside a calm about where you are going, whether others see it or not, trust. Trust where you are going.

Trust where you are right now. Right this moment, where are you, what are you thinking? If it doesn't feel right, change directions, go sit somewhere else, listen to some music, close your eyes and reconnect to who you are and remember the light you are. Even when you are in a situation less than ideal, you can change what you're thinking.

Look at this now moment again. Does it feel right, now? Many times where we are right now can be changed by a thought! Trust where you are right now.

When you have suspicions, look at them. Are they telling you to change directions? Trust. When you have a thought or a song repeating, or a niggling feeling, look at it and trust. Trust your feelings. They will lead you where you are meant to be.

I am grateful for the lessons of trust in my life!

Archangel Ariel says: Trust is the foundation of love!

Angel Blessings to you.


PS:  Update on my Acts of Kindness from my previous blog:

  • allowing another to be where they are, while I enveloped them with loving energy
  • passing along words from a loved one to others in a time when they needed it most

I'd still like to hear about your acts of kindness. Either add them to the comments below or post them on Facebook. Thank you.