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Acceptance is a powerful word.

If we are not accepting of someone else, there is a judgement. And where there is judgement on someone else, they are simply holding the mirror of judgement we feel about ourselves.

Wow! You may want to re-read that a time or two.

When we make a statement of judgement on another, there is something about ourselves we are not accepting.

Here's an example. How many of us have looked at another and thought:

  • they're too thin
  • they weigh too much
  • they should look this way
  • they need to do that
  • they do/don't should/shouldn't -fill in the blank- 

In a nutshell, they don't meet with our approval. 'I do not accept you for who you are.' And holding up the mirror, there is that level of acceptance we don't have of ourselves.

What can we do about it? Catch ourselves.

When you catch yourself thinking a judgement about another, stop and ask yourself, where am I not accepting of myself.

Would you think that same judgement of a small child? Probably not. You would teach them, or find out what was bothering them, or hold them, or just be with them.

So why not treat ourselves the same way?

Here's an example. You see someone you feel is 'eating too much'. Hold up the mirror. Are there times when you feel you ate too much and then get upset with yourself about how much you ate and beat yourself up over and over? 

Why not find out why you are eating too much. What is it you really need? Maybe you need a hug. Maybe you need some time alone. Maybe you need to go for a walk.

Most likely there is an emotion you have been pushing away, possibly even buried. Accept the emotion for what it is. Look at the emotion from an objective point of view. Don't attach 'good' or 'bad'. It just is. 

'Oh, I felt afraid when I was 2 years old because this thing happened.' I will love and accept my 2 year old self, because I didn't get the love and acceptance after that thing happened. But I will love and accept myself now.

Pay attention to where you are making 'judgements' on others. Turn it around. See where you could 'accept' yourself.

I'd love to hear your comments below.

Angel Blessings to you.