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We have people in our lives who are there for us when we need them – spouse, partner, parents, friends.


We also have those we may not be able to see, who are here to support us – Angels.


I had someone ask me the other day ‘do we all have Angels?’ and we absolutely do. Angels are with us and around us whether we believe in them or not.


If we would like the Angels to assist us with something, what do we do? Ask!


Whether support is seen or unseen, it’s good to ask for what we need assistance or support with. Angels aren’t any different than asking a friend for help. Ask!


Be open to what comes your way. Once you ask for the guidance, for the support, for whatever it is you need, watch for the signs of support, or assistance. Pay attention to the people who start showing up in your life. Be open to what comes your way.


As things start coming into your life, allow the information, the people, the guidance – allow it to come into your being and be with it. Feel it and allow.


Show gratitude for the information you are receiving. Say thank you for the people you are meeting. Thank the Universe for the synchronicities that are happening.


And then start from the beginning and Ask all over again.


Angels are happy to support us. They are happy to help us with whatever we need. Ask.


Angel Blessings to you.



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