Howdy Peeps!

The other day I was thinking about a checklist. Everyone likes checklists – right? You can look at it, see what you need to get done, check things off when you have them done – yeah!

Well, I remember several months ago, maybe even 6 months by now, I had sent one out at work. I used it as the Quote of the Day. Some of you will remember this!! I know I got great feedback on it and thought – wow, write a blog on it. And of course, you'll get the checklist.

How often do you see someone you know, you say hello, you may chat for awhile and off they go, and you think to yourself 'what a piece of work they are'…

Or, have you ever responded to someone's question with the opposite of what you really wanted to say?

Or try this one out for size. Someone pays you a compliment and you give them every reason in the book why you don't deserve the compliment, or tell them it was just a one shot stroke of luck that it worked out.

Have any of these ever happened to you?

What if we were all truly authentic? What would that be like? Someone smiles at you and you smile back – and you mean it.

Someone's having a bad day full of drama, so you send them loving thoughts or do something nice for them instead of adding to their drama or getting sucked into it.

Well, here's a checklist, a reminder for you. Print several copies and put them in strategic places around your office and at home and even a copy in the car.

  • Kitchen: tape to microwave, inside the cupboard door you open the most often, next to your coffee mug (or on your coffee mug) or lunch container
  • Bathroom: tape to mirror so when you're getting ready in the morning you see it
  • Car: copy in the visor or on the dash so you see it on the way to work and on the way home
  • Office: next to the phone, on your folder you take to meetings, on your background of your computer or phone

You get the idea!! So I bet you're wondering, what this checklist is all about. Well here it is. I know you'll like it!!

Daily Checklist:

[  ] Authentic smile on my face

[  ] Speak positive affirmations

[  ] Think positive thoughts

[  ] Loving & healing thoughts toward myself & others

[  ] Believe in myself

[  ] Trust in Divine

I know there are things you can add to the checklist as well and I would love to hear about what those would be. Add a comment below with what you would add to the checklist.

Angel Blessings to you.