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Birthdays are special days. They are the day we came into this world, a delight for our families. It’s the day we start our physical existence.


We are always spiritual beings. When we are ‘born’ here on earth, I would believe there may be sadness on the spiritual side of things as we’re now here. The same as when we leave the physical side on earth, there are many who are sad. And back on the spiritual realm they are rejoicing since we’re being ‘born’ there.


Birthdays are a time to celebrate. It’s a time for us to honor others and ourselves, for being here, following our path, living our lives and celebrating our accomplishments from the last year.


Next birthday you have, take some special time for yourself. Have your own personal celebration.

  • Light a candle for yourself, to shimmer and rejoice and remind you, you have a light within shining brightly.
  • Prepare yourself a special meal or snack, because you deserve it.
  • Do something special just for you, and treat yourself like you would a very special guest – because you are!
  • Treat yourself to a luxury you don’t do every day, because you are unique and only born as you, into this world, once.
  • Go out with some friends, and have them treat you like royalty, just because.

I would like to wish my brother Chris, a Happy 50th Birthday. December 6, 1963, he was born into this world. And though he transitioned on August 9, 1968, it still would be his 50th birthday this year.


** Happy 50th Birthday Chris **


And Happy Birthday to everyone else who’s birthday is today, tomorrow and the next day.


Angel Blessings to you.



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