little flowersDo you ever feel like just letting go? 


What I’m talking about is when things are really hectic and you’re running in 100 different directions a million miles an hour all at the same time. And everyone around you is doing the same thing, or so it seems.


What about just letting go? Just sit down for a minute and let things go on by.


Did the world stop? What might happen? What might you notice? What would others’ notice? Is this even an option in your world? Or do you believe it’s not an option?


What if I told you that if you let go, if you slow down, things around you will slow down as well. 


Let go of the illusion that you have to always be moving at this pace. Let go of the illusion that the world around you will not survive if you don’t continue doing multiple things all at the same time while juggling 10 things and running a marathon all at the same time.

  • I challenge you to let go of 99 of the 100 directions you are being pulled in. 
  • I challenge you to walk at a normal pace instead of the rushed pace you normally feel you must do.
  • I challenge you to walk out of the craziness of the room you are in and go sit in silence somewhere.
  • I challenge you to only be responsible for you and not take on the responsibility of  everyone (or anyone) around you (of course if you are a parent or caring for an elderly person, use common sense).
  • I challenge you to stay in bed for a day just because you want to.

Try any or all of these challenge items. Tell me how it went, what you noticed different with yourself, in the comments below.


We live in a very fast paced world but when we are all rushing around as well, we are only adding to it. So let go, slow down. You start the trend and see if some around you won't join in.


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC