Howdy Peeps!

Life can certainly feel like a roller coaster some days where all we can do is hang on. And sometimes that may feel as if we're holding on for dear life.

Life is full of uncertainties and if we feel that we have control of things – guess again. Control is a misnomer. We may think we are in control, but really, the only thing we truly control is our thoughts. Life goes happily along, everything going as planned and then there's a curveball. 

A curveball could be any number of things but for this let's talk about those life-changing curves:

  • an illness or death of a family member or friend
  • a loss of a pet
  • a loss of a job
  • bankruptcy
  • natural disaster (earthquake, tornado, etc)

With any one of these, our life is different than it had been. Transition is inevitable. We need to change to meet what life is presenting us.

Change and transition is happening all around us every day, every moment. As we are moving through the changes, the transitions of life, taking time to acknowledging and releasing our feelings is an important step in the process.

Acknowledge your feelings: take some time alone and write all of the emotions you are going through. Just write and write and write without editing your words. The intent isn't to share with anyone, just to get your feelings out. Tears may come and if they do, let them come.

Release your emotions: there are many ways to release. You can take the paper you were just writing and burn it. That's always a good way (being safe of course). But also, asking God, your Angels and Guides, to release the emotions that no longer serve you and that you are ready to release. They will be transmuted to love. Take several deep breaths with this, in through the nose, out through the mouth – really blowing, like you're blowing out birthday candles. Tears may come here as well and that's OK.

Fill up with love and light: this is an important step. Think about all the extra space now that you've released all the excess baggage! Fill it back up with healing love and light. Pick a color. Breathe it in with the intent you are filling to your brim with all that is good and all that is love.

Transition and how we handle it is important in our growth here as humans. And with transition is new growth!

Here's a huge  { { { Angelic Hug } } } for all going through life transitions. 

Angel Blessings to you.

Sue Broome
Empowerment 4 You LLC