Howdy Peeps!

Do you ever feel like you've been left behind? It's not a topic a lot of people even talk of. We may feel left behind because:sky

  • Someone close passes away
  • Your peer(s) have been let go
  • A friend moves to another city in a different state
  • Your partner decides to leave
  • A relationship ends

They are all about change. Things are different, probably much different, than they were. We know change happens to us and all around us each and every day. But it still can be an emotional roller coaster.

We cannot control what happens around us, to our friends, our relatives, our spouse or partner, our peers at work. As I've talked about before, control is a misnomer. Life is about what we do with the change that's before us.

Sometimes we don't know how to handle the situation because we feel guilty, angry, afraid, or just plain lost. There are so many emotions we go through. The key is to 'go through', we don't want to get 'stuck'.

A recent blog, Life Transitions, also talks about how to work through your emotions. 

I think where being 'left behind' is sometimes different is maybe you weren't able to say good-bye to the other person, or maybe you really didn't take the time to say what you wanted to say. And many times, we just don't know what to say.

You can still tell them. Writing a letter to the person who is gone gives you an opportunity to really say how you feel. You most likely won't send the letter.

But on the other hand, letting them know how much you really care, or how you enjoyed working with them, or spending time together, are always nice to hear. I'm sure the other person would appreciate the thoughts, truly speaking from your heart.

You could do both. Write a letter to get all of your feelings out and not be sent. And write another, an appreciation letter, keep in touch letter.

Every day gets easier. That certainly doesn't mean you don't miss the other person or still care about them. But you still have your day to day activities, as do they.

Each person or situation is different. The important thing is you speak from your heart. And if it's appropriate, you can continue the relationship in a different way.

My Mom and Dad and I have very much a different type relationship than many of you do with your parents. But I still talk to them every day, many times out loud. They talk back through signs instead of words. It's just the way it is.

Angel Blessings to you.