This Christmas season I found myself missing my Mom a lot. I know being in my new environment was probably part of it. But I believe a big part of it was also another layer of grief which I was ready to look at.

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Grief isn’t something that will ever go away. You don’t get past grief as though you would pass a car on the highway. Grief is with you always once someone you love passes away. There are just different levels of it at different times.


Grief is something you go through, looking at pieces along the way, some for a short glance, some for a longer look. Some will bring tears, some will bring sadness and some may bring joy. At different times in your life you are able to look at another aspect or layer of grief.


You get to a point where grief is there, with you, and you know so are your Loved Ones. You know they are there helping you through this.


This Christmas I feel I let go of all the Christmases and holiday memories I didn’t have an opportunity to share with my Mom. A part of grief is about the things you didn’t get to share with your Loved One. At least not in the traditional way.


I was grateful for the times she was here with us. And I’ve come to a new level of acceptance (there’s that acceptance word again).


When grief comes knocking, what can you do about it?

  • Sit with it
  • Journal with it and about it
  • Talk to it and let it talk as well
  • Let any emotions attached to grief come through (fear, anger, guilt, etc)
  • Light a candle to share with your Loved One or to honor them
  • Create new traditions while honoring past traditions with your Loved One
  • Close your eyes and remember…
  • Watch for signs from your Loved One

It is so very important to feel the grief, feel the emotion and not tuck it away never to be acknowledged or looked at. Grief is not something to be ashamed of. And when we look at grief for what it is, we do get through it.


Mom, I love you.


Angel Blessings to you.



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