AA MichaelHappy New Year everyone!

I’m currently taking a certification class (more on that in future blogs). In honor of the class as well as looking for what can be released this last day of 2012, I pulled a card from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards*.


The card I drew is: Sense of Humor


Archangel Michael is an Archangel I work with quite regularly (daily) as many of you know. I call on him for strength, for courage, for protection. I know he is always there with me. I know many of you also work with and call upon Archangel Michael.


You can see the great smile Archangel Michael is showing us in this card.


What can we release for 2012? Release all the times we take ourselves, others or life, so seriously. Life is about having fun too.

  • Release the tensions in your body that get built up from the stresses you may feel.
  • Release the anger you feel when things aren’t going your way.
  • Release the need to be right.
  • Release the built up frustrations when you have expectations about how things 'should' turn out.
  • Bring humor into your daily life.
  • It’s OK to laugh at yourself when things aren’t going as you had planned.
  • It’s OK to interrupt your busy day with some fun activity.
  • It's OK to smile and bring in lightness to serious situations.

Look at life with humorous glasses when things are getting too serious. If you’re not certain how to do that, what a child or an animal or call upon Archangel Michael. He’s always available to assist us all at the same time.


How do you bring humor to your life? How can you bring in more? Add your thoughts below in the comments section.


Angel Blessings to you. Be safe in your New Year activities.



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* Archangel Michael Oracle Cards are created by Doreen Virtue and distributed by Hay House.