Beautiful Arizona sunset with hues of Angelic color
Sue Broome Desert


This was a weekend of wonderful memories - some from reminiscing, and some making new.    It’s always wonderful to see friends you haven’t seen in a long while. I know living in Arizona now for going on 3 years, friends from Wisconsin probably wonder about me. Well now they know I’m doing well. They [...]

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Happy Birthday Mom

Howdy Peeps! Today would be Mom's 70th birthday. Wow! Happy Birthday Mom! For those of you who still have your Moms here, in the physical, give them a hug for me. Appreciate them for who they are and for bringing you into being. Love them and accept them for their idiosyncrasies and their quirks. Think [...]

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Is It Real?

Howdy Peeps! Is it real? That's what many people have asked when they see this picture. It's from about 25 years ago, but yes, the tiger is real. I love tigers. They had a thing going on at one of the shopping malls here in town where they had this little guy and a few [...]

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