This was a weekend of wonderful memories – some from reminiscing, and some making new. 


It’s always wonderful to see friends you haven’t seen in a long while. I know living in Arizona now for going on 3 years, friends from Wisconsin probably wonder about me. Well now they know I’m doing well. They were able to see my house and know how well I fit in where I’m living right now. And they were able to meet some new friends too, to know that I have built a wonderful community here in AZ.


It was also my brother’s birthday on Saturday, Chris. He would be 51. I was able to celebrate it anyway, with my mom, watching the holiday lights come on in downtown Prescott around the square. Marvelous!!


These 2 cards* came from my reading this morning that I did for myself. I think memories, any kind of memories, have a way of doing some healing.


If it’s a wonderful and positive memory, then it’s a feel good kind of memory and just brings more joy to your heart.


If it’s a not so wonderful memory, there can be positive, life lessons learned kind of way to look at them. If it’s a truly awful memory, you can easily re-write it the way you want and let the original be released. You can re-write dreams or memories, from this life or past. 


Life is full of memories. Each moment you are in, ask yourself whether you’re making a memory you’ll look back on years from now – will it bring a smile to your face or not…


I plan on focusing on the memories I’ll look back on happily, whether it’s tomorrow, or another 30 years from now.


Thanks for visiting Susan and Barbie and Denise and for some new memories. 


Angel Blessings to you,



Empowerment 4 You LLC


*Gateway cards by Denise Linn & The Spirit Messages by John Holland