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Dear Ones,


Today we speak of empathy. Empathy is when you pick up on others’ feelings and emotions. You many times do this and don’t even realize it.


This is a time of the year you may want to increase what you do to not pick up everyone else's emotions. it is increased because of the time you are most likely spending shopping or at special events or in more crowds of people.


You are not meant to take on others’ moods and feelings. Sometimes it may feel good, and then there are times when others may be going through depression or anxiety and you certainly do not need to take this on.


We ask you to install a dimmer switch in your heart space. You set the intent, that you now have a dimmer switch within. It could have whatever type of dial you would like on it and in any color you would like.


A dimmer switch will allow you to easily turn down your ‘empathy dial’ so when you are heading out into the crowds, the parties, the shopping, the special events, you can tune your dimmer switch to a more manageable setting.


Your dial will be unique to you – in settings, in color, in everything about it.


When you are back home in the loving embrace of your friends or family you can turn the dial to a higher setting.


Install your dimmer switch today and enjoy your day.


~ Your Angels ~


PS  If you have inadvertently taken on others’ emotions, ask the question ‘is it mine?’ and if it truly isn’t yours, it should easily float away.


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC