Today is the first day of December! The first, numero uno, number one, the beginning of a month.


Each day, in and of itself is a new beginning. Monday’s are beginnings also. Today being a Monday and the first is double new beginnings.


Each day we can look at it as drudgery or we can look at it as the exciting day before us, the wonderful week to come, the exciting month that is ahead. 


I choose to have the positive attitude on each day! 


Let’s release any yuck or any dredge to the Angels, to the Universe. Let’s have a new exciting beginning outlook on what is coming up – on this day, this week, this month. No matter what is before us, our attitude makes such a huge difference and why not look at it as the exciting time that it could potentially be. It feels so much better.


So treat today as the wonderful new beginning that it is. Open it as you would a gift or let it unfold like the opening of a flower.


Angel Blessings to you,



Empowerment 4 You LLC



The centerpiece in the picture was provided by Linda for Thanksgiving. Thank you Linda!