Howdy Peeps!

Is it real? That's what many people have asked when they see this picture. It's from about 25 years ago, but yes, the tiger is real.

I love tigers. They had a thing going on at one of the shopping malls here in town where they had this little guy and a few other cubs. I think my cheeks hurt because I was so excited and couldn't stop smiling. Wow, to be holding a real live tiger!

Is it real…  Can your mind tell if it's real or a memory?

If you were to sit down right now, and close your eyes. Remember something from your childhood, something memorable, something happy and joyous. Or something more recent if you'd prefer, but something happy.

And as you remember, remember as many of the details as possible. Remember the sounds happening at the time. Was there a scent you remember? Were you holding onto something or was someone next to you. Remember all of these things, right now.

For that moment – was it real? Did it seem real? Did it feel like it was really happening, like you were back in time?

The more senses you pull into the remembering (sights, sounds, scents, touch, feelings) the more real it is, the more real it feels – whether it's then or now.

Do you have wonderful memories you can pull from your childhood to bring you a sense of peace? One that always brings a smile to your face?

Or do you have a memory of your kids, when they were very young and innocent (yes, yes, I'm sure they're still innocent :)), when you would rock them to sleep at night. 

Or maybe a memory of a pet, going for a walk, or playing ball or just sitting on the porch with them snuggled up next to you.

Bring in the senses. What was happening that day, what was the weather like. Was there music playing or was it sounds of nature? Could you smell a campfire, or flowers or something else?

And what were you feeling – happy, content, joyful, at one with Spirit?

Remember… Does it feel real now? Does it bring a smile to your face? Does it bring that sense of calm?

Remember all of those things…

Now, for those days when things aren't going the way you had planned, or for times when you are feeling the stress of things around you or for the times your kids don't seem so innocent, or for the moments you just want to smile – pull in this memory!

Sit, close your eyes and bring in the feeling, the scents, the sounds and breathe!!!

And for those of you thinking there isn't enough time in my day to do this – well, it takes about a minute – and I say to you, you can find a minute! And that minute may make the difference in what you needed that day.

One of the memories I have is going for walks in the woods with my Mom. The dogs running ahead, the wonderful smell of fall and the crackling and crunching of the leaves under foot. And my Mom, just her and I, walking like 2 best friends.

So, is it real? You bet!!

Angel Blessings to you.