Howdy Peeps!!

Do you believe it's been almost 3 months that I've been 'blogging'? And it's been 4 1/2 months since I left the corporate world. Yes, it is hard to believe but it was the end of July that I was having my 'retire me from the corporate world' party. 

You can see that even at my party, my hands were just a movin'. I think the Angels were sending out healing one last time before 'she left the building'.

I remember looking out over the crowd, all the people who were there, one big surprise. But I remember looking out and it wasn't until that moment I realized the impact I had while there. It was like looking at the ripples in the water after tossing a pebble. It was beautiful.

I mean really, they must have liked me a little because I had 2 yummy, beautiful cakes. Unless they really just were glad to get rid of me.

But seriously, there were some wonderful comments written in my book I had set out. Here are just a few (I've omitted the names):

Thank you for your guiding spirit over the past… I'm inspired by your spirit as you move into this new time…
– I wish great joy for you…
May your Angels keep you on the happy path
– I will try to carry everything I've learned from you and shine
Your spirit is amazing
– Keep following your dreams, they'll never lead you astray
– I'm so happy for you that you are moving on to the next grandest version of yourself

Well, I was shown so much gratitude, it was overwhelming at times.

My spiritual work started in the corporate world as some of the comments reflect, and continues with Empowerment 4 You LLC.

To show my gratitude for the wonderful people, and the wonderful times in my life, I will be doing a Free Healing Meditation. It'll be a Teleseminar you can sign up for:

Showing gratitude and sending healing!! That's what life is all about! Please come join in!! 

Be grateful for everyone and everything in your life. Come join in the teleseminar.

Free Healing Meditation Teleseminar
December 21, 2011 (12.21.2011)
7-8pm CST

Angel Blessings to you.