Beautiful Arizona sunset with hues of Angelic color
Sue Broome Desert

Message From the Angels 43015

Dear Ones,   Today we speak of transformation. You are all being transformed each day. Some days they are small and some days they are massive. Other days they are somewhere in between.   What does a transformation mean? It is different for everyone. What we are meaning by the word is that things are [...]

Thank You

I feel so much gratitude today. The Spirit in Motion Expo* was Saturday, April 11, 2015 in Prescott. What a wonderful turn out we had.   The support from the community, the vendors, healers, readers was so wonderful. We had so many talented individuals sharing their gifts. We had many awesome people listening to and enjoying the [...]

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Thank You

Is there someone you would like to thank for something and you just haven’t done it yet?    Now is the time!   Is there something you’ve done for another and maybe you didn’t get a thank you from them?   Get over it - you don’t know what was going on with them at [...]

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Message From the Angels 112714

Dear Ones,   Today we speak of feelings, emotions and the emotion we would like to focus on is joy, love, appreciation.   We would like you to think of someone or something you love and appreciate, someone (or something) that brings you joy. This may be someone who is in your life now, or [...]

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