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Dear Ones,

Today we speak of blessings. You each have so many blessings which are in your life. Many are before you and you can easily see them.

And then there are those which are hidden.

The blessings come in many forms and they may not always feel as though you are being blessed. The times you feel the frustration, the times you feel the fears, the times you feel the tears – these are sometimes the bigger blessings.

Embrace each blessing, each gift that is in your life. These may be in the form of people or situations or something entirely different. Embrace them all.

Focus on the wonderful gifts they each bring you, though the gift may not yet be revealed. Look beyond the dirt, the frustration, the worries, the fears and see the brightness beyond.

Start a blessings list, much like a gratitude list. Start listing the things you are grateful for, the things you feel are blessings within your life.

Then, look to the things you haven’t yet seen the blessing hidden within and look for three (3) things about it, that are a blessing. As you see these three, you will see more.

This is something you can do today, there is no need to wait until you are in the thick of things. It will help you see the brightness beyond.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.


Empowerment 4 You LLC