There are so many people who are unhappy with what they do, or where they are in life. Are you one of those people? Do you know someone who is?


I have truly been blessed all my life. For more years than not when I was in the corporate world, I loved what I did and the people I worked with. I had many jobs throughout the years and over and over again I was taken care of by the Divine. I had great bosses, great team members and it was awesome.


When I left, for me, it wasn’t fun any more and I needed to move into what I do now. And again, I do LOVE what I do.


If you are one of those people who are not happy with where you are, here are some tips that helped me for the times I wasn't happy:


Be grateful – yes, find things in your unhappiness, that bring a smile to your face. It may be something small, but look for the small pleasures. Make a list and add to it every day.

Focus on what you do enjoy – there must be something about where you are that you do enjoy. It could be that you get a coffee break (I sure hope there’s more than that), or it could be your co-workers or maybe the hours you work or that you can work from home. Focus on the things you do like.

Smile – I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘fake it ’til you make it’, well, there is definitely truth to that. If you smile, many times others will smile back at you and then it just becomes contagious. And the more you smile, you feel better.

Write 100x – Remember way back when, if you got caught chewing gum in school you had to write 100 times, I will not chew gum in school? Well, write 100 times I AM LOVE or I AM PEACE or I AM JOY or all three. It’s amazing how much better you feel. You can easily do this during a meeting. Everyone will just assume you’re taking notes. 🙂 (So now everyone who saw me taking copious notes knows what I was really doing.)


These are some of the things that worked for me when I was having an unhappy time. These also have to do with the “Law of Attraction” – what you focus on will expand, will be drawn to you. Who doesn’t want more things to be grateful for and more things to enjoy in their life.


In the comments below, add things that have worked for you. Your comment may help the next person add a bit more happiness to their day.


Angel Blessings to you,



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