Getting settled in and there continues to be more unpacking. Today I unpacked some of my crystals – what fun!


I can appreciate each one as I unwrap it, remembering the name (well, most of them) and smiling at each shining crystal thinking about where it will go.


Unpacking can help you appreciate what is in your life, what you do have. You may also realize there are some things that just don’t work and it’s time to pass them along, on to someone else who will appreciate it.


You don’t have to go through packing and unpacking to appreciate what you have or pass along to others things that aren’t working for you any more.


Take some time to walk through your home. Pick a room to focus on. See if there are things it’s time to donate or put them in a garage sale or gift them to a friend.


Next with the same room, go through and look at all of the things you appreciate in the room. Maybe walk down memory lane with some of the items about where you got it, who were you with and notice how much you enjoy the energy of it in your room.


Take the time to do this with each of your rooms. You’ll find you have much to appreciate and probably some to pass along to others.


And you didn’t have to move to do it!


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC