Today I decided to draw a card from James Van Praagh's deck, Soul Journey. I love these cards. As I'm pulling out the card for today, another one had to come along so we get the benefit of two cards.


I feel there is a strong message for many of us with these two cards coming up together. They seem an unlikely pair – or are they?


There are times we simply haven't made a decision on something yet. It may be because we feel we don't have all the facts and we're still doing some research. It may be because we have an uneasy feeling about it so we're holding off to see if the feeling clears. Or it may be any number of other reasons.


This is where acceptance comes in. Things come up in our lives for a reason. One of those things has to do with accepting where we are. This is not the same as being happy about a situation that may not be happy or condoning what has happened. It is simply saying 'ok, this is where I am, right now.' 


If we are so busy looking back to where we've been or looking forward to where we feel we are heading or looking at our neighbor’s to see how green the grass is over there, we simply aren't accepting where we are.


If you are so busy ignoring where you are because you don’t like it, maybe it’s time to accept where you are.


If you have been complaining or whining about something for far too long, maybe it’s time to accept the situation as it is, because the fact of the matter is – it is what it is and you are where you are.


So whether you haven’t made up your mind or there’s something else going on, it is time to breathe into acceptance and allow. Give some love to your indecision, give some love to where you are and give some love to you.


Angel Blessings to you,



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