Dear Ones,


Today we speak of ‘healing’. We set the word off a bit because healing means many things and everyone may have their own interpretation or assigned meaning to healing.


We today are using the word ‘healing’ in this way – healing is knowing you are in a whole state of being, a being of love – being loved, loving, feeling love, accepting love and being love. 


Healing occurs on many different levels and can easily seep from level to level or layer to layer, if you are open, willing, ready and allowing. The seeping from layer to layer – think of putting soft butter onto a freshly baked piece of bread, still warm from the oven. The butter melts down into the bread, getting into all the nooks and crevices. There are some spots the butter may be thicker so it takes longer to seep down into the layers.


Healing acts the same way. It may melt all the way down into the very cells of your physical body instantly. Maybe it only comes down as far as your mental body where you are able to look at the way you are thinking about things and shift to a more positive way. Or you are able to look at your beliefs and see if they pertain to you.


Healing may also take some time to melt through all the layers, depending on how thick the layers are. Have faith that if you are asking for healing, it is occurring on some level, some layer. Know that it is so. 


You may not see the physical aspects of healing each and every time. We say to you, know that it is happening on levels you do not see.


Love yourself, each and every day, no matter what. This allows the healing (the butter) to melt that much easier.


~ Your Angels ~


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC