Today we speak of love and patience. They go hand in hand. Many do not understand this. When we are patient, we accept the situation, whatever it may be, as it is. It does not matter whether we are in traffic, or waiting for our children at the bus or waiting at the laundry mat. Patience is accepting what is happening right now, happening as it is meant to happen.


Each situation is put before us for a reason. To teach us to learn more about ourselves, to learn to love those around us, and to love ourselves. That is patience at it’s best.


Accept where you are, as in the physical location, accept who you are as the person. Accept where you are on your path and accept how far you’ve come in learning and accepting things which are around you.


Each day there are new things before you and as you grow in your level of acceptance, the things that may have bothered or annoyed you yesterday have no impact today. This is growth.


Situations before us are all in how we’re going to handle things. Even what just occurred with the neighbors dog, yes, you were angry but as soon as you called the neighbor to discuss the gift left by their dog, the anger was dissipated. While speaking with the neighbor, there was no anger in your voice. The anger had already moved through and you were pleasant and laughing on the phone.


Look how far you have come with a situation such as this.


Each time you accept what is and see how much quicker you move through an emotion and how much you have grown in your level of patience, give gratitude.


That is all.


~ 3 Light Beings of the Emissaries 


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC