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Dear Ones,


Acceptance is something many of you are having a difficult time with now. If you could see the world you live in through our eyes, you would understand. 


Accepting is a parent letting their child fall so they learn a valuable lesson while being there to hold them when they cry. And being there when they need to have their knee kissed to make it better. Yet the parent allowed them to discover on their own.


Your child has come here to learn.


Accepting is a friend who is there to hear about a break up, the first time (maybe the second or the third times too). Accepting is allowing your friend to make their own choices though you may see things differently. Accepting is knowing when to walk away and love your friend from afar for awhile.


Your friend has come here to learn as well.


Accepting is a child who is caring for their parent as best they know how, finding them the care they need. Accepting is allowing your parent to be a part of the decision, as it is their life.


Your parent has come here to learn as well.


Accepting is looking in the mirror and being OK with who is looking back at you. Accepting is listening to your inner voice and being OK with where you are, not trying to be someone else or trying to outdo another.


You have come here to learn as well.


Everyone is on their own journey, their path. Each has decided on the lessons they would like to learn this lifetime round. We can assist, as a parent, as a friend, as a child, yet we cannot learn the lessons for them. 


Accepting others for where they are, for who they are, for their lessons and accepting ourselves for the lesson we are learning about love. Love, when we accept them and their choices, as it is their lessons to learn.


~ Your Angels ~


Angel Blessings to you



Empowerment 4 You LLC