Dear Ones,


Today we speak of freedom. We are speaking of the freedom you feel within.


How many times do you feel you 'have to' do something or you ‘should' be doing this? Where is the freedom with this?


Freedom comes from within. The 'have to' and the 'should' thinking is within you. It all boils down to you choosing. You do always have a choice.


Where the freedom comes in with a 'have to' or a 'should' is looking at it differently. Find the positive things with whatever it is. Find the joy in whatever it is. Find what makes you happy in whatever it is.


When you are coming from a place of happiness and joy, the 'have to’ or 'should' falls away. The urgency or dread isn't there anymore and is replaced with something meaningful. You still may choose to do it with a different value or maybe choosing to do it now because you are excited about it or you want to be involved with it.


Changing the words will also shift the energy. Instead of saying ‘I have to', say 'I choose to', whatever it is. Instead of saying ‘I should' say 'I gladly'.


When we 'gladly choose' something, the feeling truly feels like freedom.


~ Your Angels ~


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC