Today’s message is about allowing and receptivity. I looked through several decks and could not find those exact words though I knew it was James Van Praagh’s deck, The Soul’s Journey I wanted to use.


I kept going through until I found the pictures that had been in my head even though the words were not exact ~ though I feel they match the vibration I was looking for.


Love is the center of everything. I’m certain you’ve heard the saying ‘love is all there is’ and that is why I put love in the center. 


Surrounding love is trust / acceptance on top and freedom / surrender on bottom. I am not saying that trust and acceptance come on top of or above freedom and surrender. They are all equal surrounding love.

  • When we do all things with love, we trust in ourselves and in what we are doing.
  • When we do all things with love, we accept who we are and who the others in our lives are. We also accept the things that are happening in our lives.
  • When we do all things with love, we have freedom. We have freedom to be who we are, we have freedom to feel what we feel and we have freedom to allow our emotions to move through us and share them with others if we choose. 
  • When we do all things with love, we surrender. This does not mean we are giving up. Not at all. It goes right along with freedom in that we surrender to who we are at our very core. We allow ourselves to surrender to what is, no matter what is.

Do all things with love.


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC


PS ~ The confirmation for today’s blog is when I read the wrapper of my last piece of Dove® chocolate. It read: Do all things with Love