Are there times in your life when you feel like a victim? 


Let me explain what I mean by victim, how I’m using the term for this blog. What I am referring to is when you hear the words come out of your mouth:

  • they are doing this to me / they did this to me
  • he/she is making me
  • there is nothing I can do about it
  • it’s out of my control

These are coming from a ‘victim mentality’. We always have something we can do about it, something. And that’s why I want to share this with you.


First thing is to recognize that you are coming from a place of being a victim. You may not initially realize it. Any of the comments above are words to pay attention to.


Second, there are things you can do. They may seem small, but these are all things that are within your control. Keep in mind also they may seem small and yet each packs a powerful shift within.

  • Release any negative feelings you have about the situation, whether it’s through having a rant about it or journaling or deep breathing. Something to release these emotions.
  • Realize you are in control of how you react to things. No one is ‘making you’ do anything. You can choose to ignore them or the situation, you can choose to laugh about the situation or you can choose to get angry. These are all your choice.
  • Change the way you talk. Yes, by changing the way you are saying things, you change the energy of the situation. 'I choose…' is a great way to begin sentences.
  • Send love and blessings to the situation or person. This is something you can always do. It does not mean you agree with the situation, whatever it may be.
  • Call on the Divine, call on the Angels for assistance. Again, this is something you can always do. They are always ready to help in any way they can.
  • Talk about something else. Talk about something that makes you happy and brings you joy. Give the power, the energy, the emotion, to something you enjoy rather than something that doesn't.
  • Imagine it different. Yes, our imaginations are very powerful. So make up your own version as to how you would like the situation to go. Put some energy and emotion into it. See how the energy around it shifts and changes.

Third, do one of the things above or come up with your own. Anything to help you realize, you are not a victim, you are in control of you.


There is always something you can do. 


Special note: this picture may seem like a strange picture for this blog. It's a cactus I'm standing 3 feet above and I turned the picture on it's side as well, changing the perspective, changing the way you see it. It seemed like the perfect picture and the reasoning behind it was inspired. Choose to look at things from a different perspective.


Angel Blessings to you,



Empowerment 4 You LLC