Howdy Peeps!!

You know, typically I don’t know what I’m going to write about until just before I start typing – the Angels have that well planned for the lessons that may be about to happen. Today, no exception! 

I’ve been out and about, gotten a new chair (love it!) and needed to change my upcoming phone installation.

That’s when the Angels came up with my blog topic!!

So here’s how it goes. You call for Customer Service and you want to speak to a person but are greeted with the ivr (Interactive Voice Response) system. I’m sure you’ve all heard them at one time or another. I’ve used one for re-booting my DVR system before – worked great!

Well, this one I listened. None of the responses I heard was what I needed – though I did go down several of their rabbit holes – yes, I felt like Alice!!

So what do you do when you need a person and there’s no option for a person? Push 0. The IVR kept going. Push it again – the IVR still kept going, push it again. OK, that’s not working.

Isn’t that what Albert Einstein says is the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So I push the #, the asterisk. Nothing. Last resort, hang up, call again, push 0 sooner.

You tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing. 🙂

Success – I get a person. Woo Hoo!!! She tells me ‘there are no representatives at this location that can help you, let me transfer you to Customer Service’. No, please, no! But she tells me there’s nothing she can do there, so she transfers me.

OK, another round of Alice and the rabbit hole. But pushing the 0 sooner worked before – so let’s see if it’ll work again. Success!! Oh, wait – this is the same woman who just transferred me. You’ve got to be kidding me!!

Had I reached my frustration point? Ah, yes. And when I reach that point, generally it’s tears that come. So I explain to her how many times I’ve been sent down this IVR path or another, with no place helping me with what I need – all while doing my best NOT to cry.

Well, I’m not saying tears are the answer, BUT, she found me a person who HELPED!!! That was all I wanted.

So what does ‘Shake It Off’ have to do with this?

How many times, do you have a frustrating experience like this and you are upset, ticked off or in a foul mood for hours afterwards? How many get behind the wheel of a car and it comes out in some form of road rage, or you yell at another person, your spouse, your child, because of the frustrating experience you just had.

I’m going to ‘Shake It Off’ – well, I already did! Because why be upset? Does it do you any good?

I think the whole thing was an awesome lesson in choice. You can choose to be upset and frustrated, or you can choose to be happy!!  I choose happy!!

So thank you Angels, for the blog topic and my lesson for today!!

Angel Blessings to you!


PS If you remember the blog on from November 4 called You just never know…, well I found a picture, actually about 3 of them. It’s on my Facebook page. Check it out!! 

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