Beautiful Arizona sunset with hues of Angelic color
Sue Broome Desert

He Is Still Here

Deep in my soul, there stirs a young child. She is blond, she is beautiful, she is innocent and she is pure. She knows nothing of what tomorrow will bring. She goes about her day exploring. Everything is new, everything is exciting. She has no idea what tomorrow will bring.   Tragedy occurs and yet [...]

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Love and Loss

Yesterday within 3 hours I heard of 3 transitions. This makes 4 in 10 short days. All are Loved Ones of people I know. Each of the transitions was very different than the others. However, there are similarities: Each Loved Ones who passed touched the lives of many Their losses are felt by those who [...]

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We all need support at some point in our lives. That’s what our friends, our family, the relationships we build is all about - support. Sometimes we just need to vent. And I vented to a friend just the other day. :)   Sometimes we need an ear to listen. We can talk to someone [...]

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It’s OK to Cry

Howdy Peeps! Sometimes I need to listen to what I tell others or what I write in my articles or blogs :). Isn't that what some of us do? We tell others this great advice but we don't listen to it ourselves. Today I spoke with the husband of a friend of mine. She is [...]

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Grief Relief

Howdy Peeps! Today may sound like it's going to be a heavy topic, and in some ways it is, but I feel grief from others and want to offer what has worked for me. Maybe it will help you. If you look up the word 'grief' in the dictionary it sums it up saying 'deep [...]

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