AngelYesterday I wrote Support and how we all need support at different times in our lives.

Today I wanted to expand on some of the things I have used throughout my life, that have helped to support me when I’ve been spiraling with grief.


Feel the feelings and emotions. This is something many of us don’t like to do. We hurt yet we don’t want to cry. But feeling what’s there is what helps move through it. Whether it’s anger, sadness, fear or humor. Feel each emotion as it comes up. Acknowledge it for what it is.


I have to say, as I type this, the time is 3:12 – Dad’s birthday. So I know he agrees. He was pretty good about talking about his feelings. Maybe not when I was younger, but the last few years before he passed, we had some wonderful talks.


Journal. Journaling is something you may feel you don’t have time for or you may feel it just doesn’t work. But there’s something about writing (yes, writing, pen to paper) about what you are feeling, that helps it work through your physical body. It’s almost as though the feelings pour out through the pen and once they are on paper, they have less power over you.


Walking in nature. Getting outside, in the sunshine with the wind blowing in your hair, listening to the birds or whatever kind of animals you may hear. You can talk as you walk along. Another way of getting the words out.


Now, if you feel foolish, you can always think about the emotions and let the wind blow them out of your aura. The sun helps to brighten things up.


Living in the now. I’ve written several blogs last week on being in the now. This moment is all there is. Memories are awesome until we get stuck in them. The future is fun to plan, until that’s all you focus on. Now is what there is.


Call on the Angels and your Loved Ones. You may not be able to see your Loved Ones who have passed or your Angels, but know they are there supporting you. Imagine them standing behind you or beside you when you are needing additional support. They are here with you.


Support comes in many shapes or sizes. Find what works for you. Please add in the comments section what else has worked for you.


Angel Blessings to you.


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