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I Miss the Connection With You

This is a message for anyone missing someone. It does not matter if the person is in spirit or still in their physical body and just away from you for whatever reason. The feeling is still there. It may be in different degrees and different days are also varying degrees. It is still a feeling [...]

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Happy Anniversary Mom

Tuesday, July 2nd this year marks 39 years since the passing of my Mom.   The last week has been kind of an up and down week for me. I’ve had some great talks with friends and with my Mom. I’ve had some downs of really missing Mom as well as some realizations.   Being here [...]

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Dear Loved One

Dear Loved One,   I know you are around me I know you are near   I may not ‘see’ you the same way So please whisper in my ear   I have many memories of you And I miss you every day   So please send me a sign Oh any which way   [...]

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Our Loved Ones Want Us To Be Happy

Many of us have Loved Ones who have transitioned to the other side. I only know how I have felt as Loved Ones have passed. I cannot say how you feel, as we are all unique. Many times when we remember our Loved Ones we get sad. Family gatherings may bring up memories or holiday [...]

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Numbers are probably the number one sign (pun intended!) my Loved Ones show up for me in my life. 642 is significant to me because it is Mom's month and birth year. Numbers are all around us. We have the obvious with the digital clocks, which are all around us, on the wall, on the computer, [...]

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He Is Still Here

Deep in my soul, there stirs a young child. She is blond, she is beautiful, she is innocent and she is pure. She knows nothing of what tomorrow will bring. She goes about her day exploring. Everything is new, everything is exciting. She has no idea what tomorrow will bring.   Tragedy occurs and yet [...]

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Love and Loss

Yesterday within 3 hours I heard of 3 transitions. This makes 4 in 10 short days. All are Loved Ones of people I know. Each of the transitions was very different than the others. However, there are similarities: Each Loved Ones who passed touched the lives of many Their losses are felt by those who [...]

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Take This Moment

  Today I would like to share some wonderful quotes. I would offer to you, a reminder that each moment we are here on this earth, in human form, is a gift. We are spiritual beings learning through all of these human moments we piece together and call our lives. Make the most of them. [...]

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