642Numbers are probably the number one sign (pun intended!) my Loved Ones show up for me in my life. 642 is significant to me because it is Mom's month and birth year.

Numbers are all around us. We have the obvious with the digital clocks, which are all around us, on the wall, on the computer, on our phones. But license plates are another thing I notice as signs from my Loved Ones.


It’s not always their birthday that I notice. Sometimes it’s their graduation date. I’m referring to graduation date as their transition date.


Another number that isn’t a birthday of anyone, is 846. I recognize my Grandmother that way because it was the start of her phone number. We talked most every day the last few years before she passed.


Look at the numbers that mean something to you with your Loved Ones. Maybe it’s their birthday or maybe it’s a number like 123. It will be different for everyone and different for each Loved One as well.


Someone private messaged me and said they wake up the same time each morning and know it’s related to their Mom.


Write a list of your Loved Ones’ numbers that mean something to you. And then pay attention to how many times throughout a day you may notice those numbers – on the clock, on a license plate, on a receipt, on a billboard, on a truck passing by, announced on the news, over heard conversation.


Where you may see or hear this sign from your Loved One is endless… And the amount of times you're Loved Ones are sending you signs may surprise you.


Please share in the comments below, or on my Facebook page, what number signs you have noticed from your Loved Ones. I’d love to hear about them and as you share your signs, others may recognize additional signs in their life as well.


There's a chapter called Numbers in Signs From Your Loved Ones which is now available through Kindle version. 

Angel Blessings to you.


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