This is a message for anyone missing someone. It does not matter if the person is in spirit or still in their physical body and just away from you for whatever reason. The feeling is still there. It may be in different degrees and different days are also varying degrees. It is still a feeling you feel within your body and there may be emotions that decide to show themselves. Allow your emotions to flow when they decide to show themselves.

Choose one of your favorite memories and recreate it. Recreate it with your mind, with your imagination. Recreate a memory that has so much meaning to you and your Loved One. 

Let them know when you'll be doing this and set it up. It's a date! You can tell them, write a note, add it to your calendar or think it, intend it.

You could get a picture of them or maybe one of their favorite things and have it near. Light a candle if you would like. Grab a journal in case you choose to write anything down.

Set the intention you have a date and time you're going to be 'meeting them.' 

When the day and time comes, find a spot you won't be disturbed and can be in the memory for as long as you'd like.

Clear your mind of anything else going on in your life. Close your eyes and start remembering. Bring in the all of the things you remember about it. 

  • were you in nature
  • was there music or any other sound(s) going on
  • what were you doing
  • was there a scent, a smell, an aroma that you recall
  • what colors are you noticing
  • what are you seeing
  • are you holding hands – was their hand soft or rough, cool or warm
  • what are you talking about, if anything

The more details you add to this, the more you will feel as if you are there, in the memory again – because as the memory is being remembered – you are there, reliving that scene.

If you are thinking there will be more sadness when you open your eyes and come back to this reality, let that go. There may be initial sadness, but there will also be happiness and the memory you just recreated is another memory in your mind. It is stronger in your memory banks.

Journal if you would like. There may be emotions that come up or pieces of the memory that you had forgotten. 

We are spiritual beings having this human / physical experience. We wanted to come and learn things, see what this or that feels like. When we feel the separation from our Loved Ones, really feel what that feeling is like. And then close your eyes and feel the connection. Feel the connection not only with your Loved One but to nature, to the Divine and to yourself.

The connection is TRUTH, the separation is the ILLUSION.

Angel Blessings to you,

Empowerment 4 You LLC