Mom, GrandmaMany of us have Loved Ones who have transitioned to the other side. I only know how I have felt as Loved Ones have passed. I cannot say how you feel, as we are all unique.

Many times when we remember our Loved Ones we get sad. Family gatherings may bring up memories or holiday get togethers.


Our Loved Ones want us to be happy. So how about, right now, today, we think of a happy memory of our Loved One. 


You can do this with anyone who has passed. It can be a human or an animal.


Close your eyes and ‘get into’ the memory. Remember as many of the senses surrounding the memory.

  • What were you doing?
  • What was your Loved One doing?
  • What were you seeing?
  • What colors did you notice?
  • What here you smelling or tasting?
  • Were you eating something? What was it?
  • What were you hearing?
  • Was there music playing? What was the song?
  • What were you feeling? Happy, joyful, elated?

Stay in the memory for a few minutes, recalling as much as you can. And of course you can stay with this memory as long as you’d like.


You may have tears with this memory, but maybe today they’ll be tears of joy because of the beautiful memory. And I'll bet your Loved One is loving being with you in this happy moment as well.


Our Loved Ones want us to be happy.

Angel Blessings to you.


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