ChrisDeep in my soul, there stirs a young child. She is blond, she is beautiful, she is innocent and she is pure.

She knows nothing of what tomorrow will bring. She goes about her day exploring. Everything is new, everything is exciting. She has no idea what tomorrow will bring.


Tragedy occurs and yet she has no idea. She just knows he was there one day and lifeless the next. She knew he was sick but did not understand. She thought the big machine was making him better.


He is not outside riding his tricycle like he used to. He is in heaven riding it instead. This is what she is told and she believes it is so. She does not see him, though he is still here.


He plays outside like he always used to but no one can see him. He is still here.


She doesn’t see him, she doesn’t hear him, though she misses him. He is still here.


She goes about her life and soon she forgets about his playing. And she forgets many things about him. Though he is still here.Chris1


She wants to remember, she wants to know him. She asks him to appear. She knows he is still here.


She calls upon him and talks to him. He is still here. He is beside her and when asked will answer in his own way. She knows he is still here.


She is no longer a child and she doesn’t remember the many times he rode his tricycle, but she knows he is still here.


Angel Blessings to you.



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