Kok looking at the box

Do you ever have things come up in your life and you wonder ‘what could they possibly be thinking?’. I have had something like that come up in my life recently and I have to just tilt my head with confusion.


I may find out what was behind it and yet I may not. I have to accept ‘whatever’ and just move on. I have no control over what is really going on, only how I look at it and deal with it.


I can look at the situation from another perspective. It’s like looking at a box and all you see is the box. There are so many other things to see about that box:

  • what color is the box
  • how thick is the box
  • is the box open or closed
  • is there something on top of the box
  • is there something in the box
  • what happens if we open the box or close the box
  • what happens if we cut the sides and flatten the box

This may seem very basic and yet there are many times we do not notice anything other than the box – as a box.


I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll say it again – "there are always three sides to the story. Your side, my side and what really happened."


Look at the boxes in your life from a different perspective and notice what you see.


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