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Dear Ones,


Loving yourself unconditionally is something we would like to speak of today. It is a simple thing and yet not always easy.


Loving yourself unconditionally, allows you to have even more room to love others. It is not a selfish thing. Taking care of yourself is part of loving yourself. Having boundaries is part of loving yourself. Standing up for you is all part of loving yourself.


Sometimes starting small is just what needs to happen. Affirmations and afformations are a great place to start. 


Dr Christiane Northrup would write a prescription for many of her patients that said:


I love myself unconditionally, right now.


That is where I would like you to start, if you have no idea where to begin. Write the affirmation Dr Northrup would give her clients, on post-it notes around your house and work. Put it next to the Ho’oponopono Prayer from earlier. Every time you see one of the post-its, repeat the affirmation.


Add an afformation. The Book of Afformations by Noah St John talks about adding questions into your day. Your brain will start looking for the answers, whether you realize it or not.


Add this afformation to some post-its as well:


Why is it so easy for me to love myself unconditionally, right now?


This is where to start. Each time you find you are judging yourself, being hard on yourself, telling yourself you are not good enough or are not worthy, thinking you cannot do this – stop – and repeat either the affirmation or afformation (or both), until you feel yourself coming to a more loving place, within you.


If that is 5 times, 10 times, 1000 times, it does not matter. Do it until you leave the judging of self behind.


~ Your Angels ~


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