Dear Ones,

Today we speak of acceptance. This is a topic you have read of before and yet it comes up again.

  • Acceptance is being there for a friend and yet not getting pulled into their situation. 
  • Acceptance is allowing your love and your light to shine as bright as you can so others may notice, so they can see your light when they aren't noticing their own.
  • Acceptance is allowing another to take your advice, your words of wisdom … or not.
  • Acceptance is listening with a loving ear without always 'doing' something about it.
  • Acceptance is maintaining your lifeboat's buoyancy while safely tossing a life preserver to another.

Many of you want to get right in there and do everything you can to save another, to do everything you possibly can for a friend. Maybe accepting 'what is', is the best thing to do for them, and for you.

Acceptance does not mean you have to agree with what is going on. Many times acceptance is about shining your light and being the beacon of love that others will feel. That, in and of itself, will allow them to take the steps they need, or help them do what they can.

Angels, I willingly accept your love and your assistance in this matter.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you,

Empowerment 4 You LLC

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