Dear Ones,

You’ve heard the expression, sharing is caring. We are here to explain how sharing is so beneficial for you as well as others.

Imagine you are receiving an inspiration you know is from the angels, an enlightened spirit or from the Divine. You can feel the wisdom in the words whispered into your ear, as they are written through your hands or as you read them on a page. You feel deep within your core, the deep love as if it is coming through the words. You may even have an emotional response from the beauty, the joy or the compassion you feel.

As you feel this loving energy, you know it is not something to be kept bottled up all to yourself. You feel it will be beneficial for another to hear or read as well.

Share. Share with someone who may need that pick me up. Share it on your social media because you never know who all will be reached. Share it on a post it to keep you inspired throughout the day.

We Angels, are here to assist you. This is one of the ways we can assist. When you hear something inspirational, some wisdom, and you get the nudge to share, please do. Listen to your inner knowing. Others will benefit.

Your hearing, listening, reading of the inspirational wisdom raises your vibration. You sharing, raises your vibration. And then in turn the next person reading, hearing or listening will also benefit and their vibration will also raise.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.


Empowerment 4 You LLC