Angel WingsI thought it made sense to write a little about all of the critters I’ve been finding since I moved. I know when you move to a different area you do have to allow time to acclimate on the different things. And if you are moving to a different state or a different area of the state, things may be very different.

Well, I certainly don’t remember seeing so many new critters when I first moved to Arizona (from Wisconsin – 5 years ago this month). There have been many new critter adventures though since I’ve moved to southern Arizona.

First there was the tarantula and the tarantula hawk (pepsis wasp) that decided to kill it and drag it away. Yes, it was a sight I certainly had never seen before. There’s a video in this article if you want to check it out. I wish I would have had my own video but I had to keep shutting the screen door because I didn’t want it to fly in the house – eek!!

Somewhere close to the first day there were the flying / floating ants that were in pairs. They floated to the ground, apparently in bliss and then disappeared within hours. Apparently that’s something that happens down here.

Every now and again I’ll see a hummingbird or two. I love them. The first time I saw him, he had to come get a good look at me. He was a few feet away and just looked as I said hello. Then off he went. 

Then the roadrunner. He’s come by several times, usually with a snack. He’s also been with another smaller roadrunner, showing the area. They’ve stayed out just beyond the small wall out back. He saunters by and then one day up the tree he went. He leaped about 6’-8’ and then kept climbing.

Then there is the bunny. I’m not certain if there’s only been one or more than one. He comes and either walks through the back yard (he easily climbs the wall out back or comes under the side gate door. He may stay for awhile. I was talking to him through the screen today and he didn’t run away. He just kept doing what he was doing.

And somewhere along the line was the hooded oriole. Very pretty in it’s bright yellow. There are several trees out back they seem to like. This morning I think I saw about three of them. I was even starting to notice their calling to one another. 

Then there were the quail. I love quail. They were all lined up along the taller wall, make the noise that quail do, all walking in their line. They went on to the neighbors back wall.

Oh, and I can’t forget the mourning doves who had 2 babies in the (dry) fountain about a month before I moved in. I saw the babies when I was here visiting. 

And today, just outside the front door … a yuck – well, gross looking anyway. A centipede. He was just on the welcome mat out the front door and I didn’t even see him until I was going back in after a few minutes. I kindly and gently took him out to the road / curb like area, anywhere away from me. I looked a bit ago and he was still moving around so I know he’s still alive. And then check one more time and he was gone. Now, something could have come and scarfed him up or he could have just had his little legs moving him wherever, I don’t know. Thank you Angels for keeping him away from the house.

Ok and there go three roadrunners right now making their fighting noise with their feathers on the top of their head coming forward and running across the street. Usually I see them out back.

Every day new animals, some I’ve seen before, some I haven’t. Let’s see what the Angels have to say about it.

Message From the Angels 80717

Dear Ones,

There is life everywhere, all around each of you. Wherever you are, inside or outside, no matter the state or the country, be mindful of who else is around you. You may not notice them beneath your feet or overhead. Watch, pay attention.

Each of the animals, whether it be mammal, insect or bird, are put in your path for a reason. Ask them for their message, their specific message for you.

The overall message for everyone is to ‘be aware of your surroundings’. Look before you step, notice up in the trees, peek beyond the bush, for there is life everywhere.

We are here to assist in any way we can. All you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

For those of you who may not be familiar with Ted Andrews book Animal Speak, it’s definitely a book worth getting. I have both the full size and the pocket size. It has the metaphysical meaning of many animals, birds, insects and reptiles. He does have another book that came out later with some additional animals called Animal-Wise.

Angel Blessings to you.

Empowerment 4 You LLC