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Beloved Ones,


We would like to surround you with our love for you. You need do nothing except accept the love that is yours.


Find a quiet location and take a few deep breaths, releasing your worries, releasing your fears and frustrations. Breathe in through your nose and release out through your mouth. You can make a sigh or a noise if you would like as you release.


Now close your eyes and open your mind, open your heart, open your core being to the love we are sending you. Feel the love coming into each of your cells. All of the space available after your release is now filled with love.


Dear One, you deserve love. You are worthy of love and we are here to love you.


Accept the love we willingly give to you. Breathe in the love you deserve.


Bask in the wonderment you feel. Sit in this quiet location as long as you would like. 


When you are ready, open your eyes, remembering how this feels. Take this feeling of love with you throughout your day. Share the feeling of love with others.


You deserve love, you are worthy of love and we love you.


That is all.


~ Your Angels ~



Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC