Dear Ones,

Today we speak of allowing yourself those precious moments.

When you are able to sit back and feel content — that is a precious moment.

For some of you, it may be in a room full of your family, your children, their children, the wonderful aroma of home cooked goodness on the stove. Maybe there are pets running around and you can barely hear yourself think. And for you, you feel content.

For some of you it may be sitting outside with the scent of spring flowers in the air, the sun warming things up, and a slight breeze moving the newly formed leaves on the trees. The birds are singing, animals are scampering about in the warmer weather. And you feel content in taking it all in.

For some of you, it may be walking beside the ocean with the waves lapping up on your feet, and the smell of the saltwater in the air. Your feet make footprints in the sand with each step. And you feel content.

Whatever occasion it is that you feel content, allow yourself these precious moments, as often as you can, as long as you can, as many as you can. These precious moments are your souls whispering to you — do more, stay here, do this again.

We are here to assist in any way we can. All you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.


Empowerment 4 You LLC