Howdy Peeps!!

I believe our loved ones who have passed are still here. They are just in a form we may not be familiar with, and we may not be able to see them with our eyes, or hear them with our ears. But I believe they find ways to leave us signs to help us know they are still here, still in our lives.

Sometimes the signs may go unnoticed. And there are other times we are amazed.

In an earlier blog I shared a story about a sign from Dad, something that still makes me just shake my head in awe. If you haven't already read it, please go back and do so, it's the blog entry Signs From Above.

Well, I want to share another sign from Dad.

I went to put on my shoes one night before heading out the door. My shoes were near the front door so I put my foot in the shoe. There was something in it. It wasn't down by my toe, it was under my heel (I want to type heal!!).

Well, that's strange because generally if something is in your shoe it slides down to the toe.

So I take my foot out of the shoe and look to see what it is. It's a nickel! How does a nickel stay sitting in the heel (again, I want to type heal!) of my shoe? Wouldn't I have noticed it when I took my shoes off? I couldn't have been walking around with a nickel in my shoe. 

I don't have kids and I don't have a pet monkey. At the time when this happened I don't even think anyone else was in my house. So I ask again, how does a nickel get in my shoe?

The thought that crosses my mind is Dad telling us 'don't take any wooden nickels'*. Of course, who else would it be – Dad!!

Nice one Dad!

Later that night I sit down on the floor in the living room. I feel something under me. I look, and darned if it isn't another nickel! Again, no kids, no pet monkeys. This has got to be another nickel from Dad! 

Thank you again Dad!

Signs may show up in interesting places, a basket in the bathroom closet, a shoe, the floor, just about anywhere. These signs were just Dad's way of saying he's still here, still looking out for me and wants me to know it!

And I also believe these signs we receive help us to heal the grief we feel. I don't think grief goes away, it just changes (as everything else does) as our loved ones on the other side have also changed. But what hasn't changed is they are still here and they still love us and watch out for us.

When I receive a sign, I say Thank you! I keep the card from Signs from Above and the nickels next to a family picture. It's my way of letting Dad know, I see, I believe, I know (it was you)!

Have you had signs in your life? What have they been? Let me know through Facebook or Twitter, or comment below. Or you can always email me directly.

Watch for the signs and don't take any wood nickels :). I love you Dad!

Angel Blessings to you! 


* In case you're curious: An American adage, "Don't take any wooden nickels" is considered a lighthearted reminder to be cautious in one's dealings.