flower9.9Howdy Peeps!

This may seem like a strange title, but it was what I am guided to write about. And I knew this photo just had to go with it. I took it Sunday morning at a friend's. The flower itself is not even an inch across but it's got enough color to really pop and shine! 

The phrase itself  'some like it hot' has several meanings, as do most things in our language.

It could mean the temperature. Maybe some like to eat a certain kind of food hot. Or maybe you like the spice turned up a bit. Or maybe you like to live in a warm climate. All of these apply.

It may also refer to life going at a faster pace, maybe more things happening.

Out of all of the meanings I just went through, I generally like food hot (temperature), I do like spice and as you can tell from my new locale in Arizona, I do like a warmer climate. And right now my life does seem to be a hopping. 

It's good to have things happening but if it gets too fast, too stressed, then it's time to slow down and get back into the flow instead of racing against things. A balance is good, some of the fast paced, some of the calm.

This weekend has been all about that, the balance. There's been a nice balance of rain and sunshine, cool and warm. A mix of yard work at a friend's and unpacking at home. A balance of inside activities and some outside. And even a balance with the inside, some unpacking, some laundry, some cooking.

So whether you like it hot or cool, bring in other things, other activities to balance. The Universe knows this. That's why we have the Sun and Moon, the night and day, the Summer the Winter.

What things do you do to bring the balance back into your life? Add your comments below.

Angel Blessings to you.