November is the month where more people think of what they have to be thankful for more than any other month, I would guess. What about the rest of the year? There's many things to be thankful for all year long.

There is so much power in gratitude!

Almost a year ago, I was walking into work one morning. This was when I was still working in the corporate world. I had a few minutes to walk from car to office. I would smile and say 'Good Morning' to people along the way.

As I was getting closer and closer to my office I realized the smile I started out with was slowly diminishing. It was as if each step I took my smile got smaller until it was pretty much gone.

I was on the last hallway before my office when I realized I had no spring in my step. What?!! I always have a spring in my step. Then I started thinking, my spring had been gone for awhile. I don't know exactly when it left, but I'm sure it had been a gradual thing. I'm not sure how long it had been missing, but I knew it was.

Well, at that moment I decided – I want my spring back. I want to be the happy and joyful me that apparently had left the building when I wasn't looking. 

I decided that morning, I was going to start with gratitude. I was going to be grateful for all the people around me and all the things around me. So what I did was after every meeting I had, I would take a few minutes, sit down and write 2 or 3 things I was grateful for that either happened in the meeting or was an outcome of the meeting.

Sometimes all I could think of to be grateful for was someone's outfit – but it was something.

I carried around a special notebook just to list what I was grateful for. I would list them after each meeting and also at the end of the day list a couple of general thoughts of gratitude for the day.

What a difference gratitude makes. The spring was back in my step and the smile back on my face within 2 days. Had anything really changed at work – other than my attitude of gratitude

This month, today, start your own Gratitude Journal. Look at all of the things in your life and list out who and what you have to be grateful for. And the times you aren't feeling grateful, think about the air you breathe and be grateful. Think about the roof over your head and be grateful. Think about the people in your life and be grateful. We all have so many things to be grateful for.

Some people will start their day out with listing things they are grateful for. Some will end their day with the things that happened throughout the day they are grateful for. And some do both.

However you do it, is the right way.

I am grateful for the special people in my life 😉
I am grateful for the Divine 😉
I am grateful for being able to write this blog 😉

Happy gratitude journalling everyone!!

Angel Blessings to you.


PSA I love my life and all is well!!!