sunsetMake yourself familiar with the angels,

and behold them frequently in spirit;

for without being seen,

they are present with you.

~Saint Francis de Sales


If we cannot see things, how do we know they are there?


The wind is something we cannot see, yet we know it’s there because of the results. There’s a slight movement of a leaf, or how it feels on your cheek. And there are the extremes of storms, tornadoes, hurricanes.


You may not necessarily see an Angel, or your Loved One who has passed, yet you know they are with you. You sense them in some way. 


Similar to the wind, maybe you feel a slight breeze on your cheek. Or maybe there’s a feeling or a knowing you have. 


Maybe you were just thinking about your Loved One and chimes sound. Or maybe you were calling on your Angels and something drops from the counter and no one is in the kitchen. Or you found a feather or a penny in a place where it had to be an Angel or your Loved One.


It is helpful to have these outside cues. Our physical world is wonderful that way. We watch, we listen, we see these things in our world and know they are indications of another world, another dimension that is going on around us.


They are around us all the time. How do you recognize the Angels? What special signs do your Loved Ones leave you to let you know they are near?


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Angel Blessings to you.



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