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I’ve been following a blog for awhile ‘The Gentle Way Book’*. Tom T Moore (the author) has been requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBOs) for several years and has written three books on them, as well as his blog.


I have started doing MBOs and feel they are a great tool in my toolbox and wanted to share them. They are easy and can have amazing results.


Check out Tom’s website (and books) so you can follow and see how he uses them and all of the people who write in to him and share their stories.


The short version:

  • Most Benevolent Outcome is a request to your Angels
  • the request needs to be specific
  • outcome must be positive for everyone
  • request is for you
  • end with ‘thank you’
  • say the MBO out loud if possible (not just thinking about it)

An example of an MBO is ‘I request a most benevolent outcome for ____. Thank you.’  Fill in the blank with whatever you’re requesting.


I was working with a friend the other day coming up with some MBOs for different things. Here are a few examples you might like to try:

  • I request an MBO to feel and see the joy in every thing, every day in every way. Thank you
  • I request an MBO for today to be filled with joy. Thank you
  • I request an MBO for me to be open to all possibilities, with ease and grace. Thank you

You may also notice they are all said in the positive, just like an affirmation as well as stating what you want not what you don’t want..


As I said, this is another tool for you to use. MBOs are similar to other tools and will work … when you use them. 


Confirmation for me to continue using them and to share and tell more people – I met someone this week who has been using MBOs for over a year. I love how the Universe works!


Angel Blessings to you,



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